Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NOAA Day at Nauticus and HRNM Report

This past Saturday, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum participated in NOAA Day at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA.  HRNM Educators and Interns conducted two programs for the event, including the debut of the first CWN 150 Educational Program, Blockade: The Anaconda Plan.  We had a lot of positive feedback and results from the event, especially for the new interactive game.  Our plan is to have the program complete by the end of summer, making it available as an instructional CD and lesson plan to any teacher/educator/CWN enthusiast.  Here are some images from the day.

USS Cumberland:  Underwater Archaeology Grid Mapping Activity
Here is the Title Slide for the new CWN 150 program Blockade: The Anaconda Plan
Participants are given choices and follow the game based on their decisions, either as a Confederate Blockade Runner or Union Squadron Commander.
Image of Gameplay:  Patrolling New Inlet at Wilmington.
Visitor participating in the game as a Union Blockade Commander.
From the Quarterdeck: Where 3 choices are given: Only one correct answer.

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