Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where Were They Then?: Lt. Charles C. Simms, CSN

Where Were They Then? is a series of posts in which a Civil War Navy figure is introduced by his Civil War accomplishments and you are asked to guess something about his pre-war life or service. Whomever accumulates the most correct first-posted answers by 31 December 2011 will win a prize (TBA).

Charles Carroll Simms, a First Lieutenant in the Confederate Navy, was present on the Virginia during the Battle of Hampton Roads, on the Nansemond on the James River, and on the Baltic and Nashville while assigned to the Mobile Squadron in 1865.

But can you guess where he also was present? Here are a few hints:
- The event occurred in 1860.
- Future admirals David Dixon Porter and Samuel DuPont were also present.
- A photograph exists of the event.

Comment with your guesses! Remember, whomever has the most first-posted correct answers by 31 December 2011 will win a prize (TBA)!


  1. I believe he was an attendee at the 1860 "Japanese Embassy" visit to the US, along with Porter, DuPont, and Franklin "Old Buck" Buchanan. Gordon Calhoun published the photo and a blog on this in June 2010 on this very Blogosphere site:

    I thought the event sounded familiar and dug back into old blogs.

  2. Charles Simms was my 2nd Cousin 5x removed. That's cool that you included him in the site.