Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NOAA/Navy Archeological Survey (and the answer to WWTT?: Simms)

NOAA and Navy to conduct archaeological survey of two Civil War shipwrecks in Hampton Roads, Va.

This is indeed very interesting news. The rest of the CWN150 team and I are very happy about the potential this project has to produce new findings and educate the public. And 3D maps? I am so excited!

On a different note, the answer to the Where Were They Then?: Simms post on 14 June: Simms was present at the Japanese visit to the Washington Navy Yard in 1860. Seaman Rob got the answer correct.

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  1. Sarah, this expedition was also in partnership with the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, and we did a blog post from earlier this week about it:

    We also have a number of photos from the expedition on our Facebook page:

    At this moment, Gordon Calhoun is interviewing with WVEC-TV, a Hampton Roads-area news station, about the trip and our museum's continued work to protect and preserve the artifacts from USS Cumberland and CSS Florida. We'll know more about when it'll air later today. It'll also be a couple weeks until we have the official results of the sonar mapping, but we'll post that information when it comes out.

    Laura Orr
    Hampton Roads Naval Museum