Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More News for the Monitor Faces (and one for Virginia)


We are endeavoring to bring to you the latest and greatest news about the recent release of the two unidentified Monitor sailors as it comes in.  Here are some of the latest links for your reading pleasure.  Stay tuned to hear more about this interesting saga in American naval history as it unfolds here at the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial. 

Could These Be the Faces of the Monitor?
Daily Press Article online HERE.

Lost At Sea: Do You Know These Civil War Sailors?
Vermont Public Radio broadcast HERE

UPS Delivers History to U.S. Navy Memorial
Atlanta Business Chronicle article HERE.

Names and Faces Suggested for Monitor Sailors
National Geographic Article HERE.

Faces of Civil War Sailors to Aid in Search for Their Identities
WBDJ7 Article HERE.

Facial Reconstruction Brings Drowned Civil War Sailors to Life
LiveScience article HERE.

...and one for the CSS Virginia

The Battle of Hampton Roads: Constructing CSS Virginia
Daily Press Article HERE.



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