Friday, March 16, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Watercolor Contest Winners!

Over the past weekend, there was a lot of interest generated about the Battle of Hampton Roads Watercolor Contest.  For its first time around, it was a great success.  I hope everyone that saw the original art on the evening of 8 March enjoyed it as much as we did.  In case you didn't get to see the art on the 8th or are not a fan of either the CWN 150 or Hampton Roads Naval Museum on Facebook (and you SHOULD BE!), here is the link to the HRNM Facebook site with ALL of the participants scanned in for your viewing pleasure.  We have reproduced the three age group winners below.  With your continued support, the Hampton Roads Naval Museum can make the watercolor contest an annual event!

Olivia Eicher - Age 5-10 Winner
Nathan Cowfer - Age 11- 13 Winner
Sarah Howland - Age Adult Winner

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