Friday, March 2, 2012

Civil War TECH Special Edition Issue Now Available

Get all three copies of the CWN Publications for FREE at the CWN Conference in Newport News
It is finally here!  Print copies of the Civil War Technology Special Edition have arrived hot off the press at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.  For those members of HRNHF, we will be sending these out to you as soon as possible. 

Not a member of the Hampton Roads Naval Historical Foundation?  Want to be one?  Go to the website HERE and receive copies of The Daybook, including the special editions, right to your doorstep.  This is but one of many benefits of membership.  

There are still two other ways to get copies of the CWN SE Technology Issue.  You can download high quality .pdf's of both Civil War Navy Special Editions at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum website HERE, or click under the "Publications" tab on this blog.  The second?  Come to the front desk of the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and pick one up yourself while supplies last!  Stop by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum booth at the upcoming Civil War Navy Conference in Newport News and get all three CWN 150 publications.  We will also have our LEGO ironclad ships on display for guests to see.

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