Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CWN 150 Talk in Darien, GA

Ashantilly Center in Darien, GA
Last week, I had the distinct pleasure to give a talk at the Ashantilly Center in Darien, GA.  Over 50 residents of Darien and nearby St. Simon's Island were in attendance.  The place was very quaint and charming, with a wonderful space to give a lecture in the library.  The lecture was part of a series honoring and commemorating John M. Kell, the Executive Officer of the infamous CSS Alabama.  Although I did not particularly touch on Kell or Semmes specifically, a local collector was nice enough to bring several first edition books on the Alabama, Semmes, and Kell to the Center.  For that, I am grateful.  It was truly a unique experience and an honor to speak to the fine people of Darien.

The focus of the talk was the ongoing role of the Civil War navies in the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War.  Specifically, the role of the Civil War Navy in public memory was mentioned as a critical factor in the ongoing dialog of the Civil War.  Now 150 years later, it is more important than ever to commemorate all aspects of the war, both on land and at sea.  In the presentation, I discuss three major themes or "trends" that will emerge (or continue to surface) during the remaining years of the sesquicentennial.  These three trends are: 1. All Things "Battle of Hampton Roads" 2. African American Involvement and 3. Social Media Utilization.  I can only  We can see that clearly with the increased focus now on the USS Monitor.  Do you agree with these trends?  Let me know here, or on our other social media outlets (Facebook, on Twitter @CivilWarNavy). 

 A special thanks to Cary Knapp and all the folks at the Ashantilly Center/Coastal Georgia University. This trip was made possible by a generous grant from the Georgia Council of the Humanities.  I certainly look forward to working more with Cary in the near future!

First Edition Books on Semmes, Kell, and the Alabama

Speaking of the Monitor, don't forget the FREE LEGO shipbuilding program this Saturday at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, which features a model version of the USS Monitor!

Full Speed Ahead,

Matthew T. Eng

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  1. Hey Matt !!:

    Thanks for giving us an update on your talk in Darien, GA. I would have driven the 2.5 hours to get there if I were free that Sunday, but I was in Brooksville, FL, at one of our 'really big' events for the USS Ft. Henry.

    Your talk looks similar to one you presented at a conference last year ('Johnny, we hardly knew ye'}, and I'm sure it undergoes some modification from audience to audience, but I think it would be interesting to put it up here or on the HRNM web site as a .pdf at some point so we have it for reference. I know your presentation from last year is on the web to view as a video, but a "pdf" version to look at would be good, as well.