Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Farragut's Ball" Song Lyrics

Although we are a little over three years away from the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Mobile Bay, it is always a good time to introduce readers to interesting vignettes into the collective memory of the Civil War navies. 

Johnson & Co . Song Publishers.  Image courtesy of Duke University Libaries.
This is an image of original sheet music for "Farragut's Ball," a song parodying the classic Irish bar tune "Lanagan's Ball."  Recently, the song was reproduced and recorded by the folks at the Smithsonian Insitution (Smithsonian Folkways) for their "Civil War Naval Songs" album.  You can read the typed lyrics to this song  at Duke University Libaries, or read the original lyrics to "Lanigan's Ball" HERE.

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