Sunday, January 23, 2011

William Cushing Wins Quarterfinal Poll #2; Quarterfinal Poll #3 Posted

David Dixon Porter with members of his staff, on board his flagship USS Malvern in Hampton Roads, Virginia, December 1864. William Cushing is standing to the far left of the picture.

Lt. Commander William Cushing, USN, who Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles once called "the hero of the War," won this past week's second quarterfinal poll against Andrew H. Foote. Foote received six votes compared to Cushing's ten. During the Civil War, he distinguished himself during engagements against the CSS Albemarle as well as the landing at Fort Fisher, NC, in January 1865. A brief bio is reproduced once again HERE, courtesy of the Naval History and Heritage Command.

LCdr. Cushing's Carte de Visite, circa 1864-1865

This completes the quarterfinal polls for Union officers. In three weeks, readers will decide who will represent the best Union naval leader: William Cushing or David Dixon Porter? Please stay tuned for that. The photo shown above is a perfect example of the contest to come: the seasoned veteran or the maverick and brave "up and comer?"

In the meantime, the newest (Quarterfinal Poll #3) will be available to vote on this blog. This will introduce the first two of the four remaining Confederate naval officers: Raphael Semmes and John M. Brooke.

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