Sunday, January 23, 2011

User Curated Online Exhibit: CWN 150 Images

A few weeks ago, one of the CWN 150 Facebook "friends" Edward Anthony posted a series of fantastic pictures of the Union and Confederate navies.

Instead of simply posting the images here from the Facebook page, we thought we might try something a bit different. Although many CWN 150 staff have information on these photographs, we thought it might be interested if YOU, the reader, gave us your information and interpretation on these images. Only the information provided by Mr. Edwards will be included for each photograph. It will be up to you all to add any additional information you may have. Think of it as an online exhibit where the audience will do the interpretation. Post any information you have in the comments section of this post (and indicate the image #) Have fun with it!

Image 001

Image 002

Image 003

Image 004

Image 005: U.S. Marine Corps

Image 006: U.S. Marine Corps Coat Button

Image 007: CSS Alabama

Image 008: C.S. Naval Frock Coat

Image 009: U.S. Naval Officers Sword Belt

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