Thursday, September 6, 2012

News and Events: Week of 2 September 2012

Ah, yes.  It's that time of year again.  The slight chill in the air.  Leaves falling on the ground.  Children playing in school yards around the country.  The Sunday sound of football on the television.  Fall is here.

Do you feel it?  Me neither.   Between the heat and the recent bad weather in the South, Fall seems far away.  It might not feel like its the end of summer.  There is one truth to the above statement: kids are back to school.  Down here in Virginia, we are getting more mosquitoes and muggy weather than anything else.  But alas, time moves on and so does the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial.  Here are some interesting articles and news pieces that popped up on the internet this week about the Civil War navies.

Under Two Flags Lecture Announced 
Historian and author William Fowler (Northeastern University) will be speaking at the Dedham Historical Society in April next year.  He will be discussing the role of the Union and Confederate navies during the American Civil War.

For more information on the lecture, please go HERE.  The event is listed on the Civil War Navy Calender of Events portion of the blog (top right side of blog).

Commander Preble's Very Bad Day
Great blog article from a few days at the New York Times' Disunion Blog.  The article discusses Commander George Henry Preble's "bad day" off the Union Blockade.  You can access the article HERE.

Civil War Navy-Related Sites Listed on CNN's "12 Fascinating Civil War Sites"
Two of the 12 sites listed in CNN's latest must-see "Fascinating Civil War Sites" involve the Civil War Navy: Mobile Bay, Alabama and Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Click this link to see all 12!

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Mysterious Shipwreck on Alabama Shore
By far the most interesting piece of Civil War Navy-related news this week.   In the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac, a mysterious wooden ship washed up on the Alabama shoreline.  Many believe it to be a ship used during the Civil War.  Other think it was a rum runner that sank during Prohibition.  More to follow on this interesting news story.  Check here or the Birmingham News for the most up to date information on this developing story. 

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  1. The first Civil War Navy book I read was Dr. Fowler's "Under Two Flags. The American Navy in the Civil War." It still comes off my shelf regularly for reference.