Sunday, April 1, 2012

No Fools in April: Some Sunday Fun and News

It's been a few days since the last post.  The education staff (including myself) at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum was busy this past week doing some outreaches in Bath County, VA.  No, there will be no April Fools here.  Getting back to the office this morning, the first email I opened was from HRNM historian and fellow CWN 150 blogger Gordon Calhoun.  I clicked on the link and saw this:
Twitter Photo Credit @JasonDurden; Matt Hardigree (Jalopnik)
It is a tweeted pick from Atlanta's NewsChopper2 pilot Jason Durden on Interstate 20 west bound.  The main article that released the news story, Jalopnik, said that the image represented something "so American."  Perhaps he was talking about the idea that the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, or the replicated Hunley, a testament to Confederate ingenuity.  Although that is likely not the case,  it is still interesting to see these types of news pieces and vignettes sprouting up around the Internet.  
How about that for Civil War memory of the Navy? 

In other news, just a few more links to keep you busy this fine Sunday:
  • There is a relatively new blog that is out about the Civil War Navy, titled "Running the Blockade." Might be an interesting read for you CWN 150 fans, especially since it is updated frequently with day-to-day accounts.
  • Here is a recent news article from Appen Newspapers about a book about the Confederate mastermind James D. Bulloch.
  • CWN Guest Blogger and Marker Hunter Craig Swain writes a clever article on incorporating Civil War history into Google's latest and greatest.
We have a very exciting month coming up for CWN 150 commemorations, including the Battle of Shiloh and Farragut's gamble at New Orleans. Stay tuned.

Have a wonderful Sunday,

Matthew T. Eng

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