Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Coming of War

Over the next week, the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial will be posting several feature articles all related to the opening of the Civil War at Fort Sumter.  This is truly a special time in American History.  After half a century of waiting, the next great milestone commemoration is just around the corner.  What will the next four years bring?  Only time will tell.  It is the hope of the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial to keep readers and enthusiasts equally informed and stimulated by all events and activities promoted or created by this commemoration.  Keep coming to the site, as we have much in store for the future.  The latest event, as posted before, will occur on 23 April in Washington, D.C.      

Interested in becoming a true part of the CWN 150?  Post your own thoughts about the Civil War Navy or Civil War Sesquicentennial commemoration here on the CWN 150, or tweet your thoughts @civilwarnavy.  Have any ideas or comments on what you would like to see relating to the Civil War Navy?  This is a great time to express that!  It is important to document how the public will choose to treat the 150th anniversary of America's most trying period of its short existence.  After all, if the public interest goes away, there would be no true meaning of commemorating events. 

- CWN 150

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