Monday, February 8, 2010

Fourth Poll Winner, Final Poll Posted

Readers of the Civil War 150 blog were asked: "What was the most important naval battle during the Civil War. Part 4 of the poll was overwhelmingly in favor of the Vicksburg Campaign, a vital one sealing off access to the Mississippi River. President Abraham Lincoln is famous for remarking that "Vicksburg is the Key." Indeed, the events from June 1863 cannot be overlooked (couple the defeat of Vicksburg and the Battle of Gettysburg) Results from the fourth poll are as follows:

Fort Hindman - 0 Votes
CSS Alabama vs. USS Kearsarge (off Cherbourg, France) - 4 Votes
HL Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic - 0 Votes
Vicksburg Campaign - 12 Votes
Aquia Creek - 0 Votes

The final poll will be the "final five." The top five civil war battles/campaigns (as there was a tie in voting between the battle of Memphis and Island No. 10)will go head to head. It is up to the readers and Civil War Navy enthusiasts to decide what was the most important naval battle of the Civil War. Here are the top five you will be voting on:

Battle of Hampton Roads (Poll 1 winner)
Island No. 10 (Poll 2 co-winner)
Battle of Memphis (Poll 2 co-winner)
Union Blockade (Poll 3 winner)
Vicksburg Campaign (Poll 4 winner)

This should be interesting. Vicksburg received the most votes (12), while the Battle of Hampton Roads is often cited as the "dawn of modern naval warfare." Please vote!

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