Saturday, January 30, 2010

Poll Three Results

Readers of the Civil War 150 blog were asked: "What was the most important naval battle during the Civil War. Part 3 of the poll was quite the heated race between the Union Blockade and the Fort Pillow offensive of 1862. Results are as follows:

Union Blockade - 6 votes
Sabin Pass - 1 vote
Fort Pillow - 5 votes
Cockpit Point - 0 votes
Sewell's Point - 1 vote

A majority of readers of the blog agree: the Union Blockade was a important yet difficult undertaking. The blockade, in large part built on the design of General Scott's "Anaconda Plan," stretched from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast. Some of the war's greatest naval leaders stood in command of the blockading squadron, including Flag Officer Louis Goldsborough(North Atlantic Blockading Squadron), Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter (North Atlantic Blockading Squadron), Admiral David G. Farragut (West Gulf Blockading Squadron), and Rear Admiral Samuel Francis du Pont (South Atlantic Blockading Squadron).

The final poll will include the following battles and engagements:

Fort Hindman
CSS Alabama vs. USS Kearsarge (off Cherbourg, France)
HL Hunley sinks the USS Housatonic
Vicksburg Campaign
Aquia Creek

Please vote!

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